Steinway & Sons Thailand

Become a Silent Auction Advocate

Here is another way you can help. If becoming a table advocate does not fit your needs, you can still support CCF by kindly donating an item to our Silent Auction. We are hoping to secure up to 40 items, ranging from medium value items (worth 5,000-30,000 baht), to high value items (30,000 baht or above).

Since 1853, Steinway & Sons has been handcrafting pianos that have gone on to become the instrument of choice for royal families, the world’s best concert halls, and over 97% of piano soloists. Today, ownership of a Steinway is representative of an individual who values craftsmanship, quality and rarity, and possesses a deep appreciation and passion for arts and culture. Notably, in line with Steinway’s culture of innovation and creation, our latest Steinway Spirio high-resolution playback instrument allows owners to enjoy concert-level performances by Steinway Artists in the comforts of their home.

It is a Steinway tradition to cultivate and promote the next generation of youths, and we applaud the Community Children Foundation’s mobilization of social engagement and collaboration in promoting children and youth development. With our long-standing commitment to promoting music and culture, we deeply appreciated the opportunity offered by ‘A Night to Remember’ to combine the World’s Finest Pianos with a philanthropic cause.

Andrew Goh
Head of Sales & Marketing
Steinway & Sons Thailand