That is what “A Night to Remember” is all about. Since it first debuted in 2015 in Beijing, the “A Night to Remember” Charity Concert & Silent Auction has always been about local community members coming together to connect, help, and inspire.

With a focus on children and education, “A Night to Remember” Charity Concert and Silent Auction has spanned two countries (China, Thailand) and raised over 170,000 USD (close to six million THB) cumulatively since it first debuted in 2015. The funds raised have helped underprivileged children in both countries in many ways: from providing life-saving surgeries for children living in Beijing, to helping over 300 children across Thailand negatively impacted by Covid-19 return to school, to name a few.

What’s even more unique, is that “A Night to Remember” is 99% performed by students/youths. It’s a platform for youths who have, to help youths who have not. Because they can. And they need to know that. Believe it. And witness it.

AN2R is a passion project for Khun Kanokewan Wuttithamrong, the founder of Kula Co., Ltd. For close to a decade, she has poured her heart and soul into the four charity concerts, because she believes that education is not just a privilege, but a right for every child. And she wants to do what she can, to help.

Please explore our website to learn more about the four amazing “A Night to Remember” Charity Concert and Silent Auctions that have taken place In Beijing (2015,2019) and Bangkok 2022, 2023), and how you can get involved if you are interested.

Thank you!