Founded in 1853, Steinway & Sons has been dedicated to making the finest pianos in the world for the past 169 years. Our pioneering handcrafted methods are still employed today to ensure our uncompromising standards of quality, and in turn ensuring that the Steinway piano remains the peerless instrument of uncompromising expression, longevity and investment value.

Every individual Steinway piano consists of more than 12,000 parts, and is crafted by hand in our Hamburg or New York factories, in a process involving over 300 craftsmen and taking a period of 12 months to complete. The result is a masterpiece that can be found in the world’s best concert halls, the most cultured and luxurious homes, and the choice piano of over 90% of piano concert soloists.

With its latest product innovation – SPIRIO world’s finest high resolution player piano – Steinway & Sons brings concert-level performances into your living room with an unrivaled musical experience, indistinguishable from a live performance.

The exclusive Steinway & Sons showroom at Gaysorn Center is operated by Robinson Piano Co., (Siam) Ltd, founded in 1927, and the sole agent for Steinway & Sons in Thailand since 1984.

With our long-standing commitment to promoting music and culture, we are humbled to be able to contribute back to society in partnership with ‘A Night to Remember’.