Become a Silent Auction Advocate

Here is another way you can help. If becoming a table advocate does not fit your needs, you can still support CCF by kindly donating an item to our Silent Auction. We are hoping to secure up to 40 items, ranging from medium value items (worth 5,000-30,000 baht), to high value items (30,000 baht or above).

KIS International School is thrilled to be a part of the inaugural “A Night to Remember” as we come together to support a very worthy cause.

Our school vision is to inspire individuals to take responsible action for the betterment of our local and global communities. We also wholeheartedly believe in the power of music and creative arts. The Thai Youth Orchestra, Harvard Krokodiloes, and The Radcliffe Pitches are beautiful examples of how art brings people together to make a meaningful impact on the world. It’s this conviction that led our school to launch a new art-focused IB Programme beginning in August. The Career-related Programme is an innovative path for creative students in Bangkok to nurture and follow their passions.

Some of the volunteers for this evening are KIS students who embody the ethos and principles of our school community. They are committed to helping others and becoming the changemakers of tomorrow.

The heart of tonight’s event is the CCF Foundation for Children and Youth which does tremendous work in Thailand. We applaud their mission and the transformational education scholarships they provide.

We hope this evening is a resounding success in raising money to create opportunities that improve the quality of life for families all throughout the country.

With gratitude,

Paul Johnson
KIS International School, Head of School