Silent Auction

Step into an extraordinary showcase of artistic brilliance, where young talents from various schools unite to make their mark on painting, photography, and other captivating media at our Silent Auction.

#23 Venus Nonetheless

If I could imagine anything to be true, it would be a world where trans people like me are seen as beautiful, and feel beautiful regardless of our identities. Often, trans individuals are discriminated against and alienated; made to feel ugly; but trans people are beautiful. To express this, I drew the symbol of love and beauty: Aphrodite, or Venus, reimagining the goddess as trans. I gave her top surgery scars and shorter hair, the former being something I myself desire, and the latter being something I have.

Artists: Kanthida (Sea) Thirawat

Age: 16

Dimensions: 55 cm (h) x 43 cm (w)

Media: Soft Pastels