Silent Auction

Step into an extraordinary showcase of artistic brilliance, where young talents from various schools unite to make their mark on painting, photography, and other captivating media at our Silent Auction.

#25 Limitless Possibilities

As long as I can remember, my father has always encouraged me to have an active imagination. No matter how weird or strange my ideas were, he would never discourage me and found active ways to stimulate the growth of my imagination. He also would often repeat to me how crucial imagination is in developing modern society and how I should embrace and thrive for ways to expand my creativity as I grow older; not letting it disappear with age. He also motivates me to take action with my imagination, art and crafts is one of many ways I express my imagination physically. With this piece I tried to encapsulate this ideology into a physical design expressing the limitless possibilities of children’s imaginations that exist within all of us.

Artists: Boonyawee Piriyalertsak

Age: 14

Dimensions: 50 cm (w) x 40 cm (h)

Media: Mixed Media