Silent Auction

Step into an extraordinary showcase of artistic brilliance, where young talents from various schools unite to make their mark on painting, photography, and other captivating media at our Silent Auction.

#27 “Imaginary” Friend

The human imagination is miraculous and marvelous. Back then, we all had that friend. That friend, who existed only in the depths of our imagination. My piece “‘Imaginary’ Friend” explores the rush of nostalgia that comes rushing through our veins as we reminisce about those childhood days — playing with a magical entity. Imaginary friends may only exist in our minds, but their impacts are beyond tangible — forming incidentally parts of our personality and instilling within us a sense of comfort during those formative years. Yet the passing of time is inevitable, and we bury those friends — products of our imagination– deep within our memories. However, just because something is buried does not mean it stops existing entirely. Those imaginary friends are still there — they never truly leave us. When you look at this piece, whether your imaginary friend was a unicorn, dragon or simply human, I hope you are reminded of them. I hope you are blessed with the sweetness of nostalgia, and I hope you remember all the times you found joy in the infinite nature of your imagination.

Artists: Benyapa Ongphiphadhanakul

Age: 15

Dimensions: 59 cm (w) x 59 cm (h)

Media: Acrylic on Canvas