Silent Auction

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A4 The Power of a Moment

I knew that I wanted to capture a place that held memories. Fond memories.

Everyone has memories they want to remember or forget. This piece is a moment that I want to cherish forever. The sunset, the view of the mountains, the people I was with, and the overall atmosphere of that day came together in perfect harmony, creating a moment of pure happiness. The strings are a representation of how our memories and emotions are intertwined. Our brain recognizes similar situations to ones already stored in our memory, and the same feelings are brought up as they are “attached” to that memory. The stronger the memory is, the stronger the emotional response will be. Through this piece, I want to convey the message that it only takes a moment to create these memories, but it takes a lifetime to truly forget them in every way and form.

Artists: Nalinrampai Gomutputra

Age: 15

Dimensions: 86cm (h) x 75cm (w)

Media: Mixed Media (acrylic and gauze on canvas)