Silent Auction

Step into an extraordinary showcase of artistic brilliance, where young talents from various schools unite to make their mark on painting, photography, and other captivating media at our Silent Auction.

#16 Knots

These pieces were inspired by the Petrified Knots by ceramic artist, Pim Sudhikam. Students studied her work and considered the following:

– What are some things (people, ideas, ways of living, habits, ways of thinking, objects) I’d like to make permanent connections to?
– What are some things that I seem permanently connected to or unable to change that I don’t want to be ‘tied’ to?

Students created the knots with these ideas in mind and then they were raku-fired by visiting artist, Kumpol Aiyarapattana.

Perhaps you’d like to consider some of the same questions and think about what the knots might symbolize for you. The spare knot can be intentionally smashed or broken, as a way to represent breaking free.

Artists: Kiaan Singhal, Ananthep Srichawala, Tees Jiamchawee, Yugo Hatanaka, Jaosua Audomsilp, Sachkhand Singhsachakul, Thada Malasit, Avraham Omer, Puripob Ngoensongserm, Anna Hatanaka, Eliyahu Omer, Natsha Malasit

Ages: Grades 7-8 (ages 13-14)

Dimensions: 55 cm (length) x 25 cm (w)

Media: Raku-fired Ceramic