Silent Auction

Step into an extraordinary showcase of artistic brilliance, where young talents from various schools unite to make their mark on painting, photography, and other captivating media at our Silent Auction.

#18 The World of Infinite Lives

At the start of the project I was presented with the theme imagine. In my painting the way I have interpreted the theme, imagine, was to depict a journey through life as a universe, with each planet representing a range of personalities, emotions and influences at various stages through life. The idea stemmed from the cover of one of the music bands I regularly listen to, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins.

The star with the teddy bear is representing childhood, the star is the mechanism that the teddy bear moves in this could signify people like parental figures, friends or idols guiding you to your choices, as the teddy bear represents the viewers childhood. The reason the eyes are crossed out is because as a child and even as an adult you are blind and clueless to what you are doing, whether it’s choices you made or guiding people. The stars job is to get the teddy bear to the moon to end the journey but on the way in order to get to the moon you have to stop at planets. Some people might rush straight to the moon but that could cause lots of issues later on.

The moon symbolizes adulthood. The reason that there is a star dangling in front is because the star symbolizes the past and as it might feel it’s right in front of you and it was yesterday it could have been years, months or weeks ago, way out of reach.

Artists: Alicia Fiala Minguez

Age: 13

Dimensions: 69 cm (w) x 49 cm (h)

Media: Acrylic on Canvas