Park Hyatt Bangkok

Become a Silent Auction Advocate

Here is another way you can help. If becoming a table advocate does not fit your needs, you can still support CCF by kindly donating an item to our Silent Auction. We are hoping to secure up to 40 items, ranging from medium value items (worth 5,000-30,000 baht), to high value items (30,000 baht or above).

Message from the Park Hyatt Bangkok

We, at Park Hyatt Bangkok, were thrilled to be a part of this fabulous charity evening. ‘A Night to Remember Charity Concert & Silent Auction’ was an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Thai children still reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

Hyatt has rooted its operations worldwide in the welfare of its associates and the larger community. The Hyatt Care Fund reflects the seriousness with which we take our CSR responsibilities. The Fund is designed to support colleagues with the most pressing financial needs due to Covid-19 through coordinated efforts worldwide.

This charity concert and silent auction resonated in a similar fashion. It is imperative for all of us who are in a position to help to come forward. Children, in particular, are the most vulnerable. Global studies have revealed the life-altering and devastating impact of Covid-19 on children’s health, nutrition, education, learning, protection and wellbeing. We as a society need to come together.

This concert presented the opportunity to make that difference. The evening devoted to music was beautifully conceptualised, and our chefs worked hard to make it memorable. I do hope you enjoyed the evening.

Mark de Leeuwerk
General Manager
Park Hyatt Bangkok