The Harvard Krokodiloes

The Harvard Krokodiloes are Harvard University’s oldest a cappella singing group, founded in 1946. From Cambridge to Cape Town to Carnegie Hall, the Kroks have delighted audiences worldwide with their unique blend of a cappella harmony and humor. With repertoire spanning the Great American Songbook and beyond, the Kroks present a polished, professional product, fine-tuned over the course of more than 150 concerts every year. Having celebrated its 75th anniversary this past year, the Kroks have recorded over 30 albums and performed in the finest venues across the world, including Madison Square Garden, the Lincoln Center, Beijing Concert Hall, and the Sydney Opera House.

The Kroks first had the opportunity to work with Kula’s founder Khun Ja Wuttithamrong in June 2017, in Beijing China. “A Night to Remember-Imagine”, marks the fifth time that the Harvard Krokodiloes will be collaborating with Khun Ja. We are grateful for the opportunity be a part of Khun Ja’s passion and commitment in helping those in need. We hope to see you on Saturday, June 3rd for what we know will be an incredible evening!