Somsak Chaima from Bangkok Post Foundation

Bangkok Post Foundation scholarship recipient Somsak Chaima or “First” is a 22 year old pianist who lives and breathes music. Blind since birth and self-taught, First’s passion and talent are evident when plays. Combining jazz with classical, and improvising his own iteration in between. Listening to him is truly mesmerizing.

Music has been a source of joy and inspiration for First since he was little. Besides the piano, First also learned how to play the violin and guitar. Despite little formal training, First’s musical prowess has been evident for a number of years. In late 2019, First was the leader of the Blind Orchestra, performing at the Hong Kong Symphony Music Festival (by invitation) . He was then 17 years of age.

The purpose of inviting First to join our collaboration is to inspire other disabled students, and let them know that there is no limit to what you can do, if you simply go for it.

First is both nervous and thrilled to have a chance to perform at our “A Night to Remember” Charity Concert & Silent Auction. Please come and support him. We know that he will capture your hearts like how he has captured ours.